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Our Wedding Planning Secret Weapon | FREE DOWNLOAD

Jennifer BarberComment

The wedding planning process can be one of the most stressful experiences EVER! It definitely was for us, especially while trying to start a business. For most brides, I think, wedding planning is your time to let your "Happily Ever After"  Pinterest board come to fruition. For me,  once I understood that vendors don't magically get booked and invitations don't address themselves (unless you set up a mail merge, of course), it quickly became a topic of constant anxiety. Luckily, we came to realize this pretty quickly, and Robert came to my rescue. He assembled a master wedding planning Exel spreadsheet equipped with a tab for every single wedding detail you could possibly think of. Vendor price calculator? There's a tab for that. He also created a formula on the guest list that allowed us to accurately predict the number of guests that would attend.  He uploaded it to a shared drive and, whenever I didn't know the answer to something, he would just tell me to "check the spreadsheet" haha. 


While I do love the pretty wedding planners with colored dividers and pages for you to pick your perfect wedding colors, they just weren't realistic for planning such a MASSIVE event. Check out my video below to get all the deets and download your Master Wedding Planning Workbook HERE.  



Photo Cred: Cork Creative