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My Weekend Cleaning Routine and Why You Should Have One Too

Jennifer BarberComment

If you don't already have a weekly cleaning routine, you should really consider implementing one. In fact, I think you should start now.  

For me, my environment essentially sets the stage for how my day (or my week) is going to go. For example, when I'm at my day job, if I have piles of miscellaneous "stuff" all over my desk,  or even worse...my "desktop", I cannot focus. The same goes for my home. 

Not only is your space setting the stage, but it's also a direct reflection, in my opinion, of how you're feeling. When my house is chaos, so is my mind. When my house is well managed and calm, my mind is clear.  

This is why a weekly cleaning routine is so important. I have learned that, even if I'm feeling mentally uninspired and unmotivated, I can almost immediately change my attitude if I tidy my space. For me, I try to keep the house fairly well maintained during the week, but we all know there's those times when it's just not happening. With a weekly routine, we get the opportunity to get our lives together - ya feel me? 

Now, if you need some more inspo to make that cleaning routine, be sure to check out my video below :)