Ivory & Kin

Pillow Obsessed

Jennifer Barber

In addition to my slight obsession for cute serving trays and tiered stands, I also have an unhealthy obsession for pillows. My go to story is I vacuum sealed pillows in my suitcase when I moved to Beijing for a year because I was afraid they wouldn’t have cute decorative ones.  My whole life, I’ve required my bed always be overflowing with pillows. They’re just the best accessory, in my opinion. They’re cute AND they’re comfy! Its like cutout working leggings - but for your house! 



This is where the vision began, obviously. I want all the cute pillows without having to take up space for the ones I’m not using! Oh yeah..and I don’t want to spend a fortune to feed my obsession. 



Our pillow cases can be easily washed for the times when Wine Wednesday gets a little too crazy and the long zipper opening makes it super easy to swap out the style whenever you want.