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Our Wedding Planning Secret Weapon | FREE DOWNLOAD

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The wedding planning process can be one of the most stressful experiences EVER! It definitely was for us, especially while trying to start a business. For most brides, I think, wedding planning is your time to let your "Happily Ever After"  Pinterest board come to fruition. For me,  once I understood that vendors don't magically get booked and invitations don't address themselves (unless you set up a mail merge, of course), it quickly became a topic of constant anxiety. Luckily, we came to realize this pretty quickly, and Robert came to my rescue. He assembled a master wedding planning Exel spreadsheet equipped with a tab for every single wedding detail you could possibly think of. Vendor price calculator? There's a tab for that. He also created a formula on the guest list that allowed us to accurately predict the number of guests that would attend.  He uploaded it to a shared drive and, whenever I didn't know the answer to something, he would just tell me to "check the spreadsheet" haha. 


While I do love the pretty wedding planners with colored dividers and pages for you to pick your perfect wedding colors, they just weren't realistic for planning such a MASSIVE event. Check out my video below to get all the deets and download your Master Wedding Planning Workbook HERE.  



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My Weekend Cleaning Routine and Why You Should Have One Too

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If you don't already have a weekly cleaning routine, you should really consider implementing one. In fact, I think you should start now.  

For me, my environment essentially sets the stage for how my day (or my week) is going to go. For example, when I'm at my day job, if I have piles of miscellaneous "stuff" all over my desk,  or even worse...my "desktop", I cannot focus. The same goes for my home. 

Not only is your space setting the stage, but it's also a direct reflection, in my opinion, of how you're feeling. When my house is chaos, so is my mind. When my house is well managed and calm, my mind is clear.  

This is why a weekly cleaning routine is so important. I have learned that, even if I'm feeling mentally uninspired and unmotivated, I can almost immediately change my attitude if I tidy my space. For me, I try to keep the house fairly well maintained during the week, but we all know there's those times when it's just not happening. With a weekly routine, we get the opportunity to get our lives together - ya feel me? 

Now, if you need some more inspo to make that cleaning routine, be sure to check out my video below :)


Catch us at Brea Fest

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Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by our little slice of home decor heaven, and if it's your first time here, welcome to Ivory & Kin!!! I'm Jen and my hubby and I run this little labor of love. We want to help you turn your house/apartment/condor/dorm into your home...and keep it in your budget, of course. 


This Friday we will be at Brea Fest featuring our handcrafted marble and granite trays. We are super excited because we get to come home to North OC where WE started together as little CSUF freshman. 

Our trays come in different sizes and they are perfect for displaying an epic charcuterie spread, donut tower or all of the sparkly things. 

If you're in the area, we would LOVE for you to stop by and say hi. Also, if you mention this blog, take an extra 15% off your purchase :)

See you there!


Brea Fest Details:

Date: August 17, 2018

Time: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM PDT

Location: Brea Civic & Cultural Center
(Birch Street and Randolph Ave)



Pillow Obsessed

Jennifer Barber

In addition to my slight obsession for cute serving trays and tiered stands, I also have an unhealthy obsession for pillows. My go to story is I vacuum sealed pillows in my suitcase when I moved to Beijing for a year because I was afraid they wouldn’t have cute decorative ones.  My whole life, I’ve required my bed always be overflowing with pillows. They’re just the best accessory, in my opinion. They’re cute AND they’re comfy! Its like cutout working leggings - but for your house! 



This is where the vision began, obviously. I want all the cute pillows without having to take up space for the ones I’m not using! Oh yeah..and I don’t want to spend a fortune to feed my obsession. 



Our pillow cases can be easily washed for the times when Wine Wednesday gets a little too crazy and the long zipper opening makes it super easy to swap out the style whenever you want. 

Welcome to Ivory & Kin

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Ivory & Kin Welcome


Welcome to Ivory & Kin - where design and functionality meet affordability.

We’re Robert and Jennifer and we’ve been eagerly waiting to hit publish on our site. We are so stoked and slightly nervous that day has finally come.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a glimpse into our lives and just what Ivory & Kin really is.

We met as freshman in college, became best friends, then, after graduating, realized that friends make the best life partners. While both eager and driven, we’re actually very different and that’s the way we think it should be. Robert’s the extrovert and Jen’s the introvert, despite what you might see on camera. What we love, is that our brand is a direct reflection of us. We want to combine that peaceful solitude and serenity with utter joy and togetherness all under one roof: aka your home!

Our concept is simple: we’re creating interchangeable decorative pillow cases that fit your ever changing mood and style because whoever said you have to stick to one? Just unzip to use them over our inserts or the pillows you already own.

With a handful of days away from saying “I do” and just weeks away from taking our first dive into the cutthroat waters of entrepreneurship, we couldn’t be more ready. Thank you for taking part in our journey and we hope you love Ivory & Kin as much as we do. If you’d like to learn more, check out our video below.